The Mares...
Queens of the Desert                           
We have built our breeding program on the very best mares we could acquire. We believe mares are the foundation of any great breeding program, and that the source of any great horse is the great mares in that horse's pedigree. We believe no great sire can come from a mediocre mare. We have a group of exceptional mares who breed both predictably and beautifully. Top mares with top quality conformation. Pedigrees rich with champions and legendary producing sires and dams. We chose mares by highly noted, successful stallions. Not just successful in the show ring, but more importantly by what they have accomplished in the breeding barn. We feel this and the quality of the dam line and sire line are the keys to a successful breeding program. Mares of excellent pedigree, who represent their ancestry in phenotype as well. Mares with correct conformation and good legs and feet. Mares with great beauty, power, and in your tent dispositions. Kind, gentle mares who have a heart for people. Mares with courage, grace, speed, agility and easily trainable dispositions. Mares with excellent sires and sire lines. And, most importantly, mares with an superb strength in excellent tail female line, and pedigrees full of many great mares. Mares of such beauty and charisma are the stuff dreams made of. Enter our world, and be charmed by the royal grace and gentle beauty of...
The Mares. The Mares. The Mares. The Mares. The Mares. The Mares. The Mares. The Mares.

QA Divine Infidel (Thee Infidel X MWF Donica)
Egyptian/Polish cross- sire line: Saklawi I / dam line: Ukrainka
Extreme beauty, elegance, refinement, and grace! What words can possibly describe this graceful white swan with the soulful eyes and sweet personality (so sweet that we use her as one of our lesson horses)? Dam of our beautiful QA Pstardancer and granddam to QA Psupernova by Aria Egzalt!

QA Pstardancer (Psyundance SP X QA Divine Infidel)
sire line: Saklawi I / dam line: Ukrainka
Phenomenally beautiful bay mare. A long legged beauty with a sweetness in her personality that is irresistible. Always a favorite of visitors, her loveliness and grace epitomize the Arabian breed. Dam of the beautiful QA Psupernova by Aria Egzalt!

QA Psylk Noir (Psky FA X Fires Barbie CMF, by Afire Bey V)
sire line: Saklawi I / dam line: Basilisk (through Bukra), a Saklawi Jedran Ibn Derri
Gorgeous black outcross for our stallions and a stunning and athletic cross of Padrons Psyche and Afire Bey V! You should see this girl trot...she has extreme hock action! Sweet and sassy personality, and the tiniest sharpest ears imaginable.

Euforria (Equifor X Ularia, by Europeczyk)
sire line: Saklawi I / dam line: Milordka (through US National Champion Mare and US National Top Ten English Pleasure horse, Elkana!) Euforria's dam also produced Elikzir (by Ganges) and Ekypa (by Wojslaw).
Gorgeous bay mare with outstanding height, movement, temperament and elegance. Absolutely beautiful eyes and neck, superb conformation.

QA Mystic Magic (TR Narcotic X Muscats Mystique)
Straight Russian- sire line: Bairacter / dam line: Koheilan Rodania

MWF Donica (Probat X Donna, by Negatiw)
In Loving Memory. You will forever be the Queen of our hearts!
1990-2009 Pure Polish Pure Polish- sire line: Kuhailan Afas / dam line: Ukrainka
Foundation mare and "heart horse" forever. The most courageous riding horse in the universe! Dam to our stallion QA Gadiel (by Ganges) and broodmare and lesson horse QA Divine Infidel, both priceless to our program. Lost tragically to blister beetle poisoning in the summer of 2009. We will forever miss her; we will never be the same. Thank you, Lord, for letting us share this earth for a time with this angel of horses! There never has been, nor will there ever be, a mare as sweet as this one was.

Rhianna Rose (Richter mh X Sybella, by The Minstril)
In Loving Memory.   1998-2005 Straight Egyptian
Sire line: Saklawi I / dam line: Koheilan Rodania strain

Beloved dam of our exotic, stunning stallion QA Legacy of Roses, by Sterling Vision. This mare was the second most beautiful horse I have ever seen (eclipsed only by her son Legacy Of Roses), with a lovely sparkling spirit that gave me joy just to look at her...and her son is the same way.

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